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Customer insights 💭

Before you dive straight into solution mode, jump first into collecting valuable insights. Connect the dots between user insights and your target market. I’ll dive deep with qualitative interviews and deliver themes + next steps for your product roadmap.

Go-to-market strategies 🚀

I’ll help you build a strategy around positioning, messaging, launches, product language and more to drive feature adoption. The strategy will cover enabling self-service customers and setting up sales and customer success teams with messaging documents and competitive intelligence to sell your product.

Market Research 📈

Deeply understanding your market, your competitors and positioning is crucial to developing a go-to-market strategy, messaging and launch plans. Too many startups never take the time to understand how to position themselves against their competitors. This step is crucial.

Product education 🤝

Helping users be better versions of themselves with your product is one of the greatest delights of being a PMM. Setting your customers up for success with educational material will help them self-serve and continue to deliver value.