Tania owns product marketing and social media at SafetyCulture, in addition to being a critical part of content marketing. She’s a true utility player, adeptly handling challenges coming from all sides and reprioritizing as necessary. Under her watch, SafetyCulture’s social traffic has grown 14x and the product education she’s provided has enhanced the “stickiness” of onboarding customers. She’s open to new ideas and is constantly looking for ways to optimize existing campaigns or new strategies to implement for projects moving forward. At an interpersonal level, Tania is the kind of colleague who can influence the energy of the whole team with her positivity. She approaches each project with curiosity and enthusiasm. She’s pleasant, thoughtful, and constantly willing to help out her team members.
— Kelli Simpson, Marketing Operations at Adobe
I first met Tania Clarke in 2012, as she was in the process of applying to become a TEDxTownsville licensee. Instantly, Tania’s professional and personal strengths were visible. Tania possesses impeccable leadership skills, formidable work ethnic and highly regarded communication skills. Working alongside Tania, as a member of the TEDxTowsville executive team has been an inspiring and enriching experience. Tania’s ability to connect and encourage collaboration among the team has been an honour to witness. In addition, Tania’s ability to strategically crystallise a vision and purpose for project based work in alignment with a systematic action plan has seen her TEDxTownsville licence double. Tania’s thirst for continual growth has seen her also met challenges with a sense of optimism, confidence and intellectual honesty. I cannot recommend Tania more highly, she would be a tremendous asset to any team.
— Kylie Bartlett, Founder of Women of Achievement