What is Digital Marketing?

You’ve heard the phrase get thrown around. But what exactly is digital marketing? And how can it benefit you? One of my favourite aspects of being a digital marketing specialist is knowing that a client is benefiting from the effort involved. 


Websites are a brand’s landing page online. Marketers navigate and learn about new tactics, policies and innovations to quickly adapt to the landscape. All while keeping the brand site operational and updated. Your website is the most important piece of the puzzle. It tell’s your brand story and attracts your key demographic.


A digital marketer works with SEO to drive organic traffic to websites through search engines. We do this by selecting keywords, creating copy and strategically placing them over your website. Backlinks and shareable content also help drive traffic to your website. Thus improving your google ranking!


Once SEO brings in the traffic, the next step is to streamline the process. Marketers try to optimise the website to better convert visitors into buyers, readers, subscribers and more.


In order to maintain a high level of relevant content updates, a digital marketer must be able to write copy quickly and consistently. Hence why it’s a necessity to keep a blog to keep our grammar and writing skills super sharp. Content marketing has been praised as one of the most opportune growth areas for 2017. If you want website traffic, then this is something to invest in. By the way, writing is one of my favourite things to do. 

Social Media

Each platform has it’s pros and cons for every brand. But you can’t deny the power and pull social media has for brands. The average Australian spends 6+ hours a day trawling through social media. Using the various networks to yield good results requires analysis and planning.


Analytics is how marketers comprehensively review how a campaign has fared online. Or whether your content is bringing in traffic to the website. It helps show who is visiting your site, where they are coming from, what they view most, and how long they stay.


Advertising for digital marketers is a combination of using channel ad programs like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and promoted Tweets. A skilled digital marketer works to decrease Cost-Per-Click and increase the brand’s presence and influence. Social media is increasingly a pay-to-play space, which is why a good advertising strategy in combination with great visuals can see you reaping the rewards.

For more information about how digital marketing can help your brand, contact me. I’m offering a free one hour consultation about your business.